Warm Lips


Taking their time

Pleasure, running down his lips

Wet, full of bliss

And warm…. pink lips

Next few nights

Just relax

She clinches silk sheets

Each night

Her body….

Under possession

For she can’t control

Thighs.. tight….

Wrapped around his waist

She bends… she moans

Liking it when he takes control

All the nights that he’s spent over at her place

She dresses up for him

He watches her

Rolling black sheer stockings up…

Naked top

Subtle contact

Kissing turns into more foreplay

Her back then lays over his chest

Moving in such motion

Breathing heavy

Warm pink lips

Pleasure, running down…. his lips

A bed full of bliss

“Next few nights, you are mine” she says

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


The Proper Moan


Show focus, where it is needed

Show love, never should be dull

Laugh with, not to be alone

Cry for, can’t be selfish

Hate, never loses its meaning

New life, a new breath being taken daily

Favor, do not always extend?

Being late, is just an excuse

Tell me again

Proper adequate

For new entry

Into this system of laws

That have been held up for so long

Pleasing me

My body drools

Make all this worth my time

Sexy undertone is near

In watching this all

Being preformed before me

My body moans

Make your move on me now!

Weaken my bones

Movement of flesh

Breaking a sweat


Draws me closer

Dressed to be naughty


By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©