Immersed, To Find Yourself

Soaked through

Ragged clothes

Allow me to remove whats left

Running true feelings to a profound reality

Might exist only if you immerse yourself into me

Stop! Be suspended by the strong fabric

And your drooling

Runs down my wrist

So I rendered what soaking, that you lay in

A great deluge

Rushes over from the tub

Stagnant problems that you’ve dealt for so long

Wondering off to be forgotten about

Stop! Be suspended by this reality that holds you

Drooling down my wrist

I feel it, cold and blissful

Rested eyes

She’s been soaked long enough

Bound to me

Is rather quiet better for you

This is where your body belongs

Thriving with all these new feelings

“To what happened to my ragged clothing” she asks

It needed to be set a blaze

For you were covered in all kind of leftover muck

“Then you will continue to hold me?”

Running these true feelings

In time

Will give her a much needed rest

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©







Underneath A Thriving Orchard

I’m taken

Just as you left me

I feel a wavering feeling about to set in

(Let my lips taste!, theory of a few good reasons)

What do you mean?

Toss and turn

Blind eyes

(Take you under the orchard trees)

Help me to see

Wondering, self indulged

(Now I pull the vail from blind eyes)

I truly choke up in the back of my throat

Gazed upon

Steady starring

Into your, breathless eyes

(A ancient time, I’ve let my guard down)

(To many pass hurts)

Still starring into breathless eyes

I’m taken

And just enough to have captured a lasting image and feeling of you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet