A Token That Can Be Explained

Felt the deceased 

It was just another day of time

Piercing through my own soul

Comprehending life 

Warm souls 

That can be taken away so quickly

Hate used so constant

We all know we bleed the same

Graves of the unknown 

Sad feeling coming over me

Children, parents taken away

Rooted to deeply 

Hate, made to enable

We all know… anybody is capable of such things

Just human

Mother nature, not so.

Today the news replays devastating natural disasters

We never have control over what happens

Caught in vicious cycle

Just human

To which, peace can be found

I hope to those who have lost a life, from violence or mother nature

Peace will come your way

May it even bring in new life for you 

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Determined To Live


I will never understand the full pain of birth. When I see videos of babies just born who are withdrawing from the drugs their moms have taken during pregnancy, it hits a cord to me, No new born should have to go through that. Sometimes there is a lasting effect on that child. Regardless, stop putting drugs into your body. Some cases the medication that the doctor gives you while pregnant during the day or days of giving birth can effect your baby afterwards, but is not necessary your fault. Again I will never understand or experience that pain of birth.

This time

You choose to shot up

Addicted and laced with mind altering effects

Get your fix!

You choose to get high

With new life in you

Making its place home

The child

Why are you shaking?

Child, your withdrawal

Will end!

To live a happy life

Stop taking drugs

That effect you and your baby child

See your baby now

They grow before your very own eyes

Can’t be done alone

Purge all bad remains of drugs out

To make and have a better life

For you and your family

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Sought Out

Death in the valley

Look across the tombstones

Something is brewing

There’s is no, your own hell on earth

But the life you are intended, look beyond the struggles

And standing outside on your own lawn

There’s a better place to be

Dream of something soon or faraway

There is much life in the valley

Look across the tombstones

Something is brewing

A new life for you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet