Calling From The Inside

“Calling From The Inside”

Cut, lights lifted up

To the day window


Peel back…. another existence

Polished galevized rivets,

Held together so strong

Weathering… it slowly comes crashing down

Lock, redirect the blinds

I’ll move you away

Turn away, sneak a peek at….. me

Nothing to worry about outside

Watching lips speak to you

Lending out a open hand

Changing mood,

Quickly…. don’t speak to soon

Cut, lifted away

Strong words

Moments being relayed over speaker system

Can be heard in all empty rooms

Polished brass, cracking paint

Peeling off the walls!

Those lips…. redirect me away from the outside

Bolted chain…. slipping away from a latch

Pushing aside… the door

To the only cleaned out room

Together…. laying down

A ceiling…. ever changing

Extending outwards

Left behind our bodies

Exploring together!

Countless traveling

We explored… dead and thriving planets

That time, you took my mind so easily off

Of what was going on outside

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Underneath A Thriving Orchard

I’m taken

Just as you left me

I feel a wavering feeling about to set in

(Let my lips taste!, theory of a few good reasons)

What do you mean?

Toss and turn

Blind eyes

(Take you under the orchard trees)

Help me to see

Wondering, self indulged

(Now I pull the vail from blind eyes)

I truly choke up in the back of my throat

Gazed upon

Steady starring

Into your, breathless eyes

(A ancient time, I’ve let my guard down)

(To many pass hurts)

Still starring into breathless eyes

I’m taken

And just enough to have captured a lasting image and feeling of you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet