A Token That Can Be Explained

Felt the deceased 

It was just another day of time

Piercing through my own soul

Comprehending life 

Warm souls 

That can be taken away so quickly

Hate used so constant

We all know we bleed the same

Graves of the unknown 

Sad feeling coming over me

Children, parents taken away

Rooted to deeply 

Hate, made to enable

We all know… anybody is capable of such things

Just human

Mother nature, not so.

Today the news replays devastating natural disasters

We never have control over what happens

Caught in vicious cycle

Just human

To which, peace can be found

I hope to those who have lost a life, from violence or mother nature

Peace will come your way

May it even bring in new life for you 

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Strong Emotions


Quick withdrawal

Look!, you must have seen a ghost

Starring back at you

Seeing what you have done

Jealous soul

Wants to take everything you have

Careless death

Planned out every move

Wasted soul

What was the motive?

Cold steel barrel, aimed ahead

Pulling the trigger, from all the misguided pent up rage

Pupils cold and still

Blood finds its ways through the cracks

Innocent soul

Now don’t forget

Wrongful death

Killing the wrong person

Haunts you

So look in the mirror

You must have seen something….

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Enough Guts


Tap into

Sweet smile

It grins from ear to ear

Pushing the blade closer

Throat is tight

Often it ends

Blood shed

And bandaids

Cover up the other wounds


It always bleeds through

Sweet smile

Grins from ear to ear


Take all the quick movements back

There’s always a blade waiting

On the nightstand


Hit the switch

Before I do

Acted so well

Next move

For the sake of

Motives have already been questioned

Wrist held tight

The blade takes the fall

Thrown aside


Hit the switch

First to

Grab the blade

Gets the cut

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Sword Through His Side


Folded steel katana in his side
Trudging across frozen ground
Sharp edge tumbles over each river jack
Shifting back & forth in the wound
Choking on his own blood staining the snow from the trail he’s making
Numb finger tips dig in
Making his way to rest at the bend of the brook
Dressed in her Kimono
Out on her heavy fur coated horse to look for logs to burn
The cold as frozen the blood clots & numb the wound
Turning on his side from laying on his stomach
Arching his back
Bearing down
The blade of the katana is some what almost out
Briefly stopping
Both their breath can be seen in the cold from exhaling
The giant head of the horse nods up
Hearing a chilling sound
Her heel points the beautiful beast in the direction to go
Coming up to a beatin path
Contrast of the stains will lead her to you
Both hands grasping tight on the decorated grip
Right hand pressed into the round guard
Breathing becomes fast
As you pull the blade out
Tossing it
The weight of the sword
Disappears in the snow
Blood starts seeping out of the wound & out from between your fingers
This voice you her resonating from the distance
Keeps you from not falling asleep to your death
Just as you think your dead
Waking up in a warm bath
Another’s hand holding yours
Passed out on the floor beside you
She washed you clean of your throe
Bandages & all
Cover up the wound
A sewed up slit can be seen from both sides
It had missed your main arteries
Soft nudge to her hand
Rouses her from exhaustedness
Bows to greet you with such compassion
Then goes to fix a meal for the both of you
She remains a little embarrassed still
From undressing you completely
Eating in silence
Cut your eyes up her
Thanking you on how grateful he his to have been found & such care that you have given to him
With hot tea & a empty bowl of noodles aside
Our bodies lead to the bed
Shes finally found the ronin
That she’s been dreaming for
Off in the silence
Making love
A small group of ninjas see smoke coming from a chimney
Headed to her place in the cold night………………