Own plain

Carry onward

To no end

In the distance


Settled obstructions


Grasping for oxygen

Wrapped cord

Tethered to means of atomic shutdown

Obstructions rise slowly

Towering over

Shaken silt

Shrouded for a brief moment

Points over west

Magnetic field

Draws to no end

Pause brief

Lack of air

Settling in place

Be one

Like those machines

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

It All Burns


Self infused
Obstructions in my view
Intimidation of the vile inflations of our economy will eventually crash to the ground
I won’t be standing at the gate empty handed
Standing on the devil’s neck
Shove him far away beyond my happy thoughts
I won’t give him my time
Well ahead to share my father’s words with the broken hearted
Seasons of which we go though
Gather in the sheep
Defend them from the wolves
We won’t let the wolves take them from behind with their fangs
This generation yearns to be shown His love
Self infused
Obstructions in my view
Mountains I begin to move
Only you can help me point out the things my flesh doesn’t need
Begin by stirring my heart up for the people in our city
Our government won’t make much of a difference
The only change will come from us