Life Not To Be Bargained For

“Life Not To Be Bargained For

Capturing own image from another side of things

Appear to be what you truly are looking for….

Pulling own ways, things slowly built up over the years

What we truly are…..

Such a world to be taught of bad things….

It’s finding your way

A world so blind, filled with lies about what is wrong or right

How we should act or feel….

Capture yourself a image, of who you are really are

Why must hiding feel so wrong?

Why must teaching this way at a young age, be pushed upon?

What is…. the true you?

So be pulled, all the way through to become who we really are

Never had a chance.

It’s never to late

Some still look, to find themselves

Capture our own image of what we really are

Live the life that’s been given to you….

Capturing own image, let it pull you fully in

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Never Forgotten

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

i want to come across the same view

to bring all the true beauty into the same place

of everything

it always can be thrown into a mix to quick

forgotten to long

always have that interest

it takes some to gain that same interest

into a long span

they just want to hit a record

so save those memories

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

making this the most of this pleasuring time

when we come across each others view

now those video memories mean more

just good memories kept in the back

never will they fade

By: ObligatoryInsighPoet©



Shake My Home

Usher in….

New taste!


Cover up with strange feelings…..

So you’ve

Enter my place


Take your time

To embrace

These feelings


Matched for each other

I would never know!

Enter first

My house

Cause this is me

“Have you suffered enough”

So this place I call home!

I’ve only been looking for

True love and meanings

Crashes around me

My barriers!

Soon to be gone

From the moment you

Truly found a way!

Continue to only dream of this happening

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

20 hrs To Long


When do we all rise

Very few will be able to stand fully

20 hours to long

4 more hours until the sun peaks over us

Only lovers hearts will bust the seams!

If we are the only, to carry ourselves

Make the moments last longer

To have someone carry you along!

So instead of bashing all who you may hate

Your own reflection

Might shatter!

All chalked up to

Violence, murder, murder, hate, lust, death

All over the world

Certain evil rises in people

We are made to only love!

Drive fear, drive fear!

Is all they want to do

Love will win in the end

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©