Portrayed & Poured

“Portrayed & Poured”

Stir up

New sensations

Soothing vibes, retake the senses

Entrancing you to the pull the curtains down

Put on your best, cut out magazine dress

Body movement

Casted on a dim lit wall

Snug fitted corset hugs that waist

Hey, crawl towards the overflow that is pouring from what will be your hearts content

The only feeling you’ll be having…..


Casted shadows, play

Become entwined

Off the wall, warmth and comfort lead to hours of soothing

Pleasurable desires added slightly to this new mix

And let’s give…. this playlist a name

Keep it on repeat

Tonight….. casted shadows play naked

Each lace strand, being undone slowly from that snug corset

Putting bodies into movement

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Warm Lips


Taking their time

Pleasure, running down his lips

Wet, full of bliss

And warm…. pink lips

Next few nights

Just relax

She clinches silk sheets

Each night

Her body….

Under possession

For she can’t control

Thighs.. tight….

Wrapped around his waist

She bends… she moans

Liking it when he takes control

All the nights that he’s spent over at her place

She dresses up for him

He watches her

Rolling black sheer stockings up…

Naked top

Subtle contact

Kissing turns into more foreplay

Her back then lays over his chest

Moving in such motion

Breathing heavy

Warm pink lips

Pleasure, running down…. his lips

A bed full of bliss

“Next few nights, you are mine” she says

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

A Fury Made To Weep




Move smoothly

Cased inside

Watch for the seal to break

Cause she comes with this fury

She could have no longer kept him on the shelve

Make sure nothing was tampered with

Under her wing

Draws all the healing

His way

Her fury

Combust all who continue to try and attack him

His breathing

Pauses… in between


Extended out to far

Last moments

Now dig a grave

Naked body

Feeds the earth

Plenty enough

She weeps over the flowers

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Naked & Sore

So we fumigate

Minus the attacks


I see purple and black

Marked up

Swing your body towards us

Warning strike

Doesn’t stop

Always to break a sweat

Marked up

Feeling sore

Makes for a better under skin sensation

So we fumigate

Take a dip

Into a bath of my own treasures

Sink to another

Only to rise

Covered in gleaming jewels

Often we fake

Wearing nothing but

Our naked selves

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet