Her Entrance, Her Own Show.

Draped canvases

Make the entrance true into your own show

Slow down the tipping of the bow

Optical star illusion, glaze arcoss the room

Winged horse, take it for a ride

To guide you anywhere in such a grand expanse

Your own paraffin, squeezed out from solid oak

Watching the wax flourishing down

Dyeing your favorite colors at the same time

Shaped up to a solid mural

Quickly melting away

A frozen still is taken

Make memories, into the late hours

Reach out, to turn back the hands

Turning the spotlight on you

Now journey

Depth hollow rings

Covered in jewels

Pretty prisims of light

Guide you backstage

Curtains are closing

Take seat at the vanity

Dress your face for the next act

Where ever your mind is leading you to

Prepare to follow, deep thoughts

Put you back to the final act

Now curtsy to your peaceful awakening

Lying on the daybed, cold

Stoking the flames

To keep her warm

Slightly she fades back into her dream

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



“My Worth”

Picking up the mallet 

There is a shelf full of odd stories

Several golden leaf, written letter titles

Reading the one book with a hidden picture of a drawn mallet on the side pages

Pool of blood covered on a bare floor

Does it equal up to a bruised body?

Does it equal up to a loaded gun, pointed at the forehead?

And she says…

Some men…..”

Before she wacks him on the skull

Breaking soil in the garden to bury that dead weight deep

She twitches

She can’t move

Pail of bleach, soiled mop

Blood dyes the chemical red

Glance over to the shelf

Look for any clues

There is a light that shines overhead

She feels blind

Twicthing again

Sleep paralysis, she has fallen into

Long day of work from a late shift

Sipping coffee

He greats her with a sensual kiss

Hot shower he takes to wash the sweat away

Quick to pack a few things to leave

Message on the fridge reads “I need some time alone”

Grabbing mallet off the rack

Worth enough to her

Walking into a quiet house late

She plays a crying sobb well

True emotions she feels

Quick words from him down the hall

Fake comforting in his words

“I’m going back to bed”

And she says…

“Some men….”

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



Breeze carries you across overlapping calm waves

Silent voice saying…. breath.

Sailing out

Without any paddles to guide YOU!

Roaring thunder

Causes to open a eye

While the restlessness of your body is noticed by a orca whale

That passes underneath the hull…..

Sailing out…

Sailing out….

Night stars reflect a beautiful image in both dreary eyes

Bones stiff from laying on the curved wood of the boat


Inhaling salt air

Can be tasted on your tongue

And a faint light can been seen from where the waves wash over the rip rack rocks

Fading out

You stand on a beach with the sand blowing on your back

Looking towards her

You can never lose hope

And the steps you take…

Is the very thing real to you

And the silent voice…

Tells you to keep breathing

With a rising tide covering the standing ground your on

Taking in one last gulp of oxygen

Before the water rises over your head

Pulling yourself up

She stands, with a gazing light coming from a hole in her chest

Boat crashes on shore

Crawling towards her

She says…. “breath, feel the healing taking place of your stiff body”

“Wait, before you go… will I ever see you again?”

Slowly ascending

Breaking away into the atmosphere

She leaves you with one word stuck in the back of your head……..