Decayed, Yet Viscous


So long

Why can’t they keep any promises that you would remain this way?

Danced to close to the powerful translucent colors

No understanding to your sporadic… movements

That this may not of led you to spoil so soon

After the bones are left

A souvenir from your remains

Coaxing more of you to near extinction

So long

They don’t seem to understand

Your hysterics can be heard by the ones that coaxed you to powerful translucent colors that have set you to the state of decay

Your subtle point of living

Lasted for years

Now they’ve made a great mistake

A viscous soul you have

Comes down on all of them

Sporadic movement, which ever way they run

A taste to, for flesh and blood

So long to them.

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©








New Dress


To the other professions

Likewise, painting the surface in gold

Making all other colors pop

Minutes have lapsed

More than what it might be worth

Retrieve the mechanical parts

Set the right time for you….

Making your next move

The clothes that’s she wearing

Rugged and torn

Here’s something to wear that you deserve

Arriving on time

“Miss, this man his here for you.”

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Bleeding Colors


Plunge into

Deep hypnotic

A state

Really made

To increase

Our own measure

Learned new ways

To trickle in different directions

Down your neck

Unfiltered thoughts

Become more mindful

Surroundings tear apart

New ideas

Canvas are spread out

Take form

Bleeding colors

Spare no empty spaces

Absorbing highly appreciated art form

Taken on by new eyes


Only to bring into full view

Bought by new users

Crawled out from their own place

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©