Stir up. 

New sensations

Soothing vibes, retake the senses

Entrancing you to the pull the curtains down

Put on your best, cut out magazine dress.

Body movement

Casted on a dim lit wall

Snug fitted corset hugs that waist

Hey, crawl towards the overflow of pouring

The only feeling you’ll be having…..


Pouring out more than just their hearts…. content

Casted shadows, play

Become entwined

Off the wall, warmth and comfort lead to hours of soothing

Pleasurable desires added slightly to this new mix

And let’s give…. this playlist a name

Keep it on repeat

Tonight….. casted shadows play naked

Each lace strand, being undone slowly from that snug corset

Putting bodies into movement

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Never Forgotten

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

i want to come across the same view

to bring all the true beauty into the same place

of everything

it always can be thrown into a mix to quick

forgotten to long

always have that interest

it takes some to gain that same interest

into a long span

they just want to hit a record

so save those memories

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

making this the most of this pleasuring time

when we come across each others view

now those video memories mean more

just good memories kept in the back

never will they fade

By: ObligatoryInsighPoet©



Onward Soothing




Rest upon me

Pierce the closure

Watch us tumble

We…. ‘All need a break sometime!’

From a vicious circle

Watch us in time

Divide all issues

Taken back when

To think we are all human

Records warp overtime

Never to be repaired

Deep meaning lyrics

Never to be played again

Watch us now… ‘To fall!’

Whole evolutionary race

To clouded by own personal issues

We must seem to attend to first



While we all rested upon our mothers love

No more to be comforted

Slowly watching, the record spinning

It always plays it last song

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Bellowing Chill

so I lay…


presently recording

in hopes of hearing you

the realm you wonder

is it not far from mine?

lucid dream

this is a way that I have trained my mind

now late and silent

creaking floor boards

resonate in the back rooms

empty with

only the chilled air that slowly bellows towards the front room

which I find to be just a thrill

in hopes of hearing you

So… let it be this way!

Drawn to my warm resting body,
now come my way!

don’t let it be another castaway dream

Presume your wondering….
down the hallway!

just a journal I wait to write in

to train my mind to control my dreams

passing presence

how it felt to have you move through me

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet