“Vibrational Universe”

Achieving tranquility into the consciousness of the mind to be explored evermore, where inner peace is present in a new light Finding that, we humans are connected as a whole to a vast universe in which vibrational wavelengths flourish, death finds new life, leaving your ego behind, accepting inner peace and love Unlocking a whole … Continue reading “Vibrational Universe”

“Media Virus”

Media hysteria Shortages occurring Lack of honest knowledge The only shortages that exist Is the beauty of when people come together Doesn't surprise me at all, this is the way of world A brief cleansing of pollution in the sky While some people ban together to sing from their balconies and broadcast live videos of … Continue reading “Media Virus”

“Partial Faces”

All I see is partial faces Eyes giving off such expressions of emotions Mascara running down your face Staining your mask Projecting fear from the build up of emotions you have been holding back Projecting love is blocked by the invisible wall of your fear for some Hesitation slipped through your own mind To lift … Continue reading “Partial Faces”

“Sleep Walking Jess”

Narrator - Neon numbers read 2:30 am on the digital screen. Jess begins her routine sleep walking. Shuffling her feet on the cold floor down the hallway to the living room. Walking over to window, she begins to open and clothes the blinds. With each opening and closing of the blinds, the street light shines … Continue reading “Sleep Walking Jess”