The Stasis


Lovely dreams

Weave to the great end

We might all fall off

To the edge of the earth

Bound by everything

We are

Put into a deep trance

Sailing through all the rough ideas

Attaching snippets

Of paper-mache

Pasted ideas

Once again become great cycles of a dream

Bound and rewind!

Cause of these motions

Lovely dreams


What kind minded experience do you feel from a newly acquired gift?

So we weave our pasts

Passes to our own trails

Blazing forward!

And every new entry leading

To a recurring bad dream

Dieing off like a virus

Once we’ve found the cure

But we are first

Put into a deep trance

Becoming quite at first

All our lovely dreams

Take a hold

Weaving to the great end

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Dream Building


Expressing to myself


To experiment

With a new state of dreaming

Breaking new levels



Keeping my body warm

Come close

To the realness of every idea and view

I don’t think that I need to choose

I’ll stay here

For some time

To create an escape

Call it fake

Making it real enough for me

You ask to enter

Waking up on my shore

You’ll find

I’m waiting to build the rest with you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Shake My Home

Usher in….

New taste!


Cover up with strange feelings…..

So you’ve

Enter my place


Take your time

To embrace

These feelings


Matched for each other

I would never know!

Enter first

My house

Cause this is me

“Have you suffered enough”

So this place I call home!

I’ve only been looking for

True love and meanings

Crashes around me

My barriers!

Soon to be gone

From the moment you

Truly found a way!

Continue to only dream of this happening

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

New Matter At Hand


Influences complicate

Things seem below level this time around

To birth a new matter at the hand that dwells

Designed to fail

It’s not

There’s something better brewing for you….

Hope can be real as you want it to


Feel the fury overtaking

Bust into a realm of endless bravery

And I’ve seen it…

Dreamed it for myself

I dream the same fate for you


By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Looked Up To

We all have generational curse that tries to hold us back

My child! you live a life of laziness

Your children! they look up to you

Help me to give them the guidance that they need

We look for answers in the wrong theology

Lead them! Lead them!

Watching my children grow

Is a dream come true

My past! Will not follow them

Each day I watch them grow

Is more then a dream come true

Cause the guidance they look for

Can’t be found in a fairy tale

When they look up to you!

What do you want them to see in you?!

Watch what you teach

Some things were never founded on good values

You are not your past

Now your daughter is pregnant and underage from a kid who is barely sprouting peach fuzz

When your young child’s eyes look up to you

What do they see?

Before they are to grown

Continue to dream for them

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet