Stir up. 

New sensations

Soothing vibes, retake the senses

Entrancing you to the pull the curtains down

Put on your best, cut out magazine dress.

Body movement

Casted on a dim lit wall

Snug fitted corset hugs that waist

Hey, crawl towards the overflow of pouring

The only feeling you’ll be having…..


Pouring out more than just their hearts…. content

Casted shadows, play

Become entwined

Off the wall, warmth and comfort lead to hours of soothing

Pleasurable desires added slightly to this new mix

And let’s give…. this playlist a name

Keep it on repeat

Tonight….. casted shadows play naked

Each lace strand, being undone slowly from that snug corset

Putting bodies into movement

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet



Immersed, To Find Yourself

Soaked through

Ragged clothes

Allow me to remove whats left

Running true feelings to a profound reality

Might exist only if you immerse yourself into me

Stop! Be suspended by the strong fabric

And your drooling

Runs down my wrist

So I rendered what soaking, that you lay in

A great deluge

Rushes over from the tub

Stagnant problems that you’ve dealt for so long

Wondering off to be forgotten about

Stop! Be suspended by this reality that holds you

Drooling down my wrist

I feel it, cold and blissful

Rested eyes

She’s been soaked long enough

Bound to me

Is rather quiet better for you

This is where your body belongs

Thriving with all these new feelings

“To what happened to my ragged clothing” she asks

It needed to be set a blaze

For you were covered in all kind of leftover muck

“Then you will continue to hold me?”

Running these true feelings

In time

Will give her a much needed rest

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©








There’s a strain


The radar….. radar

Introduce a new course

Sail towards

Your destination

It grows on you….. on you

Sails battered by the unstable wind

There lies a new strain

Origin unknown

The scent is new


Seems a far

Write a letter to him

For when he arrives

To attend to your wounds

There’s a strain

Must it be real or fake?


The radar….. radar

Walk the baluster

To pass the time

Coming soon

Is all you hope for

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©