Portrayed & Poured

“Portrayed & Poured”

Stir up

New sensations

Soothing vibes, retake the senses

Entrancing you to the pull the curtains down

Put on your best, cut out magazine dress

Body movement

Casted on a dim lit wall

Snug fitted corset hugs that waist

Hey, crawl towards the overflow that is pouring from what will be your hearts content

The only feeling you’ll be having…..


Casted shadows, play

Become entwined

Off the wall, warmth and comfort lead to hours of soothing

Pleasurable desires added slightly to this new mix

And let’s give…. this playlist a name

Keep it on repeat

Tonight….. casted shadows play naked

Each lace strand, being undone slowly from that snug corset

Putting bodies into movement

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


All But One Weakness


Feel the swell in the eyes

From the tears that are going to burst out

Someone to catch these feelings

That have been held back for to long

And the response to every feeling

That floods the path

How to knock down old walls

This is a way

To set the heart at ease

Break down

Every wall that’s been built up

Growing beauty

Faster and faster

Roots find a weakness

Tearing down the walls

Let the ruble be made into new life

Just don’t glance back

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Boarding Sun

Slipping away

No more

Building a unbreakable wall

Only guarding

Locked away

Only to lose the keys

Locked up once more

Warned not to open

Thrash! forward motion

Lifted weight off their backs

Unwritten eulogies

Shown, only one way of living

Caught up in violent behavior

When you begin to doubt

Hope is never far

Until the bottom drops out!

Bringing in a new wave of feelings

Draw yourselves near to a boarding sun

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet