The first time

I can remember the first time listening to the Deftones. Like the first time doing daring stunts with my friends. Growing up in my early teens, while living with my dad, his ex-girlfriend and her two kids in Silver Springs, Md. Being that i’am the oldest brother in my family. In some way I always wanted to have a older brother that I could look up to. Greg, even though we were not blood, he was like a older sibling to me, someone to look up to. We used to go outside and make swords out of bamboo. We would come up with action story lines and then play out the stories with toy guns, bamboo swords and so on. When we were not play fighting, I would be watching him play video games. Greg was also into music, listening to a range of bands, from heavy metal, punk, even hardcore Japanese music. But when the Deftones played I was memorized. It wasn’t until till later on in my life when I bought their albums and listened to them on repeat. Front man Chino Moreno, inspired me to write my own poetry and my own lyrics. I even did my senior paper on Chino in 2007. 

One Last Ride





I’ll never miss without

Cast my dream aside

And I feel

He doubled crossed me

Never will it happen again

I drive the knife… this knife deep in him

To watch him bleed

I’ve always carried you through hard….


Never will he see

The light

One last cushioned ride

In the back

And I feel

Liberated from the inside

Never will, never will he

Bother…. me again

Blue and red


Find you out in a river bend

Caught on shore



To think

I wouldn’t know

I’ll be your nurse tonight

To check on you one last time

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet