To Have Authority Over


Don’t spoil the unknown beauty

Wandering off sometimes, to see what else is on the other side……

Seeing how both ends look

Might just have to travel back to the root

Where the beauty started or shit hit the fan!

To the product of their failures

Have reaped enough I say!

So….. don’t spoil the unknown beauty

And gaining experience over time

Thrown around!

Sticks and stones can break their bones

Hope to learn once

Tasted! of the unknown

Grandeur of a mighty view

Desiring to seek good fortune

And where the beauty started

A legacy began

Future generations…..

No matter what!

Gaining experience overtime

Will come to them two fold or will  wander around for to long

And never see the unknown beauty that waits ahead

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Never Forgotten

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

i want to come across the same view

to bring all the true beauty into the same place

of everything

it always can be thrown into a mix to quick

forgotten to long

always have that interest

it takes some to gain that same interest

into a long span

they just want to hit a record

so save those memories

i am, face

you are to the looking glass

making this the most of this pleasuring time

when we come across each others view

now those video memories mean more

just good memories kept in the back

never will they fade

By: ObligatoryInsighPoet©



Rehearse For….

therefore & after

this great rest

i’m pressed to a new ambiance

from the fortress to the back wall

i rehearse my lines

there is always some kind of great act

it takes place

only i wait to be led

this wakening is happening

pulling me towards her slowly

no sharp in objects, in my way!

no bleeding or wounds to be healed

just a simple message

leading me on

can not wait

bring me in closer

false lines don’t exist

only the present beauty that exist

this taste of ambiance

puts me in a forward motion

off the back wall

heading into a soft collision

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



All But One Weakness


Feel the swell in the eyes

From the tears that are going to burst out

Someone to catch these feelings

That have been held back for to long

And the response to every feeling

That floods the path

How to knock down old walls

This is a way

To set the heart at ease

Break down

Every wall that’s been built up

Growing beauty

Faster and faster

Roots find a weakness

Tearing down the walls

Let the ruble be made into new life

Just don’t glance back

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Vessel ¹


Deep breath

Seated on the sill

This earth better swallow me whole

Shear beauty


Your grip gave way

And i, watch you look right into my dying eyes

Carry myself higher

So make no plans to leave

Stop to rest on the crumbling roof tops

The silence carries on and on

Hands on the clock, bend

Yield all good growth

Just to watch it rot

Wrecked vessel finds it way

Towards the center of gravity

Drawing its way

Closer and closer

My way

To be repaired

And to breath again

Catching thee salt air

Anchors have already been released

Carrying me higher

Only to see

Shear beauty of her round mass

Being swallowed

From within

Huge explosion

Takes place

Outward beauty

Being made all over newly land

Take that deep breath

Once more

Only to be informed

Seated promptly on the sill

There’s a peace that settles

Over this place

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©