To Have Authority Over


Don’t spoil the unknown beauty

Wandering off sometimes, to see what else is on the other side……

Seeing how both ends look

Might just have to travel back to the root

Where the beauty started or shit hit the fan!

To the product of their failures

Have reaped enough I say!

So….. don’t spoil the unknown beauty

And gaining experience over time

Thrown around!

Sticks and stones can break their bones

Hope to learn once

Tasted! of the unknown

Grandeur of a mighty view

Desiring to seek good fortune

And where the beauty started

A legacy began

Future generations…..

No matter what!

Gaining experience overtime

Will come to them two fold or will  wander around for to long

And never see the unknown beauty that waits ahead

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


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