A Certain Kind Of Hope


This matter

That has come about

We think there is always time,

To fix the problems

No matter what

There is no safe place to hide

From the ones

Who’s eyes gleam

Cause they steal

Only to give back to the riches

To those who stand for peace

Simple grace needs to be

Hammered into those fools

That don’t give a shit

Be ready for the curtains to close down on them

So we stay and fight to try and remain hopeful

In which case,

Makes a better species

Then the ones who’s eyes gleam

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

And there I left my…..


Outcast shadow of the moon
It shines in the cool of night

And where I left my problems behind

Positive effects can leave a strong hold on you

Love is more than just a word

Watch the way you say, “I love you ”

To the ones you…..

Love comes in different meanings

Felt a love

That was never buried deep

Felt a deep pain

Love, that pulls us out of our…..

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet