“My Worth”

Picking up the mallet 

There is a shelf full of odd stories

Several golden leaf, written letter titles

Reading the one book with a hidden picture of a drawn mallet on the side pages

Pool of blood covered on the bare floor

Does it equal up to a bruised body?

Does it equal up to a loaded gun, pointed at the forehead?

And she says…

Some men…..”

Before she wacks him on the back of the skull

Breaking soil in the garden to bury that dead weight deep

She twitches

She can’t move

Pail of bleach, soiled mop

Blood dyes the chemical red

Glance over to the shelf

Look for any clues

There is a light that shines overhead

She feels blind

Twicthing again

Sleep paralysis, she has fallen into

Long day of work from a late shift

Taking a hot shower to cleanse the the body of secrets he hides

Quick to pack a few things to leave

Message on the fridge reads “I need some time alone”

Grabbing the mallet off the rack

While she sleeps in paralysis

Walking into a quiet house late, for one last personal item

She plays a crying sobb

Little does he know, her emotions stay true

Fake comforting in his words, he is not portraying so well

“I’m going back to bed”

And she says…

“Some men….”

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©




Vessel ¹


Deep breath

Seated on the sill

This earth better swallow me whole

Shear beauty


Your grip gave way

And i, watch you look right into my dying eyes

Carry myself higher

So make no plans to leave

Stop to rest on the crumbling roof tops

The silence carries on and on

Hands on the clock, bend

Yield all good growth

Just to watch it rot

Wrecked vessel finds it way

Towards the center of gravity

Drawing its way

Closer and closer

My way

To be repaired

And to breath again

Catching thee salt air

Anchors have already been released

Carrying me higher

Only to see

Shear beauty of her round mass

Being swallowed

From within

Huge explosion

Takes place

Outward beauty

Being made all over newly land

Take that deep breath

Once more

Only to be informed

Seated promptly on the sill

There’s a peace that settles

Over this place

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


My insides are to sweet

You wonder how I taste

(I do)


How bad do you want to taste

(Let me sink my teeth deep)

Go ahead and break my skin!

(O darling, you taste like I knew you would)


Come in for another bite

Feel your jaw knolling at my flesh

(O, yes!)

Never forget

How I taste

Carry me

Pour running water to clean my open wounds

(Let us lay)

Bring me closer to you

So that I may heal