Healing Process


There is a time to mourn and a time to heal. For the ones who have lost someone dear to their heart. You must find the time to heal, healing comes with  patience, having other people who love you, be surrounded by their love. I’m saying not to mourn. Cause mourn, but also you need to heal and find the beauty in other things.

Gather around, for the candles

Burning for hours

Gather around to mourn

Crowds can not let

The violent protesters have the last say

Nor the killers have the last say

To the victims, dead have voices to

I’v seen so many wrongful deaths in the media

To the innocent, are shot

Then taken away from many loved ones

I’m only one voice

Heartaches for you all

Same for who gathers and weep

Candles burn long and several pictures placed up on the high fence

To many wrongful things, have a time to heal

Give them all enough time to heal!

Speaking over!

How will you or what will do to get the right facts and punishment?!

Plotted and planned…. for to long

I hope you die, filled with quilt

Quick, swift justice comes your way!

I’m just one voice

To many bare the same heart of pain

All that can be said

My heart aches for you all

Lost, unhealed

Just hope for the beauty of new things to happen

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Induced Healing


We lay still


From toxic fumes

Bellowing over a series of storms


Batten down the shutters


You and I

Are going to heal


Potent enough

To make us shake


Raised to the surface

Of our skin

Batten down

Here comes another wave

Breaking the fever

We lay still

And restless

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

For Many Reasons


The very essence of a new lover

Steal my heart

Mess with tampered evidence

Of a pass new lover, and their quarrels

Work your way in!

Not to seek after and ruin

Never to abuse, but to forever and always love

Pierce their very own heart…..

If not a team player

Then just stay away!

Come in to only destroy

That was the wrong way…. to win a broken heart

Steal my heart

Rubbish is only to be thrown in the trash with wishful lies

Can’t you see the beauty?

Over or pass your own deceptive eyes

So, some push in


Leaving a shattered mess

Now, need time to heal and recover

And the back of our throats hurt

Yelling out in anger

Only to conclude


The very way

Either good or bad

It will go

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet
Photo taken by ObligatoryInsightPoet



My insides are to sweet

You wonder how I taste

(I do)


How bad do you want to taste

(Let me sink my teeth deep)

Go ahead and break my skin!

(O darling, you taste like I knew you would)


Come in for another bite

Feel your jaw knolling at my flesh

(O, yes!)

Never forget

How I taste

Carry me

Pour running water to clean my open wounds

(Let us lay)

Bring me closer to you

So that I may heal


Jokes Aside

Don’t make jokes of my mistakes

Going down with a fist of fury

Tell your enemy’s to move aside

Choose wisely, the battles that are worth fighting

Only to take the beast out of the game!

Ignite, watch a fiery blaze take out what you thought the enemy had over you

Gather your strength in a instance

There is no more crawling your way through fallen rubble

How much longer will you take to heal!

There are many others that could use your help!

Being selfish, should no longer be a issue with you

Go forth, go forth

Many children have grown to have broken hearts

Your own pride is not important anymore

If it was your own kin, would you only care?

People never stop looking for a way out, only to sink their problems deeper

Some not knowing which way to go

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet