Imperfections So Small

Many sleepless nights

Just to clarify….

Nothing is going to bring you back to the hope, you once dreamed and had for yourself.

So many things that have come to head

Still the shine….

Can be found somewhere else.

Pages greatly expressed

Over time

On the lines they say

Such words that may speak out to you

“why must this be?”

Hold steady, plant yourself firm.

“why?… I’ve already been through so much”

“I cant bear to see my roots rot in unfertile soil”

So…. trust your thoughts

You’ll find that there is always path to travel down

Make your way through more thorns and pain

Nothing else is going to make you a stronger person then what you’ve already seen

Finding that a great rest to lay ahead

Thin layer of glass breaks more easily

When it doesn’t have the time to be made stronger

By the hands that rushed it, to be made.

Just to clarify……

Small imperfections make you better than any other person

So… trust your thoughts

You’ll find the soil

The time is now

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Sun & Soil

Heavy rain 

Tempered skies 

Summer heat 

Winds mixed with your essence

Penetrates my flesh

3000 ft. above sea level 

Sun and soil

Giving off a sweet aroma of wine that flows from the foothills

Wine rushing to the shadow of your feet

Invoking me closer your way

Her shadow grows farther out from a rising sun

Putting more distance between me and her

When will I catch up?

Racing to her rising shadow 

Subsiding sun 

Standing her ground

From the passing of sweet wine

The outline of her body 

Let’s me know that I am near

Our shadows grow far off into the foothills together