Healing Process


There is a time to mourn and a time to heal. For the ones who have lost someone dear to their heart. You must find the time to heal, healing comes with  patience, having other people who love you, be surrounded by their love. I’m saying not to mourn. Cause mourn, but also you need to heal and find the beauty in other things.

Gather around, for the candles

Burning for hours

Gather around to mourn

Crowds can not let

The violent protesters have the last say

Nor the killers have the last say

To the victims, dead have voices to

I’v seen so many wrongful deaths in the media

To the innocent, are shot

Then taken away from many loved ones

I’m only one voice

Heartaches for you all

Same for who gathers and weep

Candles burn long and several pictures placed up on the high fence

To many wrongful things, have a time to heal

Give them all enough time to heal!

Speaking over!

How will you or what will do to get the right facts and punishment?!

Plotted and planned…. for to long

I hope you die, filled with quilt

Quick, swift justice comes your way!

I’m just one voice

To many bare the same heart of pain

All that can be said

My heart aches for you all

Lost, unhealed

Just hope for the beauty of new things to happen

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Heavy Elixirs



Bright lights

Bulbs bursting

The crowds cheer you on and on

Now that you’ve gotten your self straight

Don’t deal again, with heavy elixirs

To many times

Playing to close with death

At the spot you used to celebrate at

Now that your well recognized

The fame that has followed you

Begs to differ with a voice saying

“Let’s drink to the riches”

Soon to return

To your spot overlooking a great city, with a group of your friends

With enough heavy elixirs in you

Stumble to the edge

Over you go

Leaving your wealth behind

One last time

Cameras flash for you

On the last scene

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Always Hope

ArtForHope-FirstFlight-ByDaveGuertinWe all

Come across

A silence

Ringing in the back of our head

We all

Want to be filled with enough love

Finding it may be hard

For some but not all

Now to the other side

Negative thoughts will always invade

If you choose to continue to do so

Positive outlooks

Will only flood your soul more

Choose wise

Speaking death

Leads us all quicker to our graves

Be wise

My hope is not only for me

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


A Fury Made To Weep




Move smoothly

Cased inside

Watch for the seal to break

Cause she comes with this fury

She could have no longer kept him on the shelve

Make sure nothing was tampered with

Under her wing

Draws all the healing

His way

Her fury

Combust all who continue to try and attack him

His breathing

Pauses… in between


Extended out to far

Last moments

Now dig a grave

Naked body

Feeds the earth

Plenty enough

She weeps over the flowers

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

20 hrs To Long


When do we all rise

Very few will be able to stand fully

20 hours to long

4 more hours until the sun peaks over us

Only lovers hearts will bust the seams!

If we are the only, to carry ourselves

Make the moments last longer

To have someone carry you along!

So instead of bashing all who you may hate

Your own reflection

Might shatter!

All chalked up to

Violence, murder, murder, hate, lust, death

All over the world

Certain evil rises in people

We are made to only love!

Drive fear, drive fear!

Is all they want to do

Love will win in the end

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Sought Out

Death in the valley

Look across the tombstones

Something is brewing

There’s is no, your own hell on earth

But the life you are intended, look beyond the struggles

And standing outside on your own lawn

There’s a better place to be

Dream of something soon or faraway

There is much life in the valley

Look across the tombstones

Something is brewing

A new life for you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet