“What The $#@k!,To young to fast”

Fucked up words

Half ass, backward stories, flooded my youth

Now at age 31 my left ass cheek burns from the salt up on the roof


Lingering stench from when shit hits the fan

O fuck, paying the price for staying up late, when you have adulting things to do the next day

One thing for certain, I wanna make our love last forever

Right hand steady shaking, from the repetitive last year’s of hard work

Shit! and what the fuck

My child hood was fun and fast

I would quickly go back briefly, just to run around the neighborhood, doing are best jackass stunts, building half assed ramps

Listening to blink 182 in the morning on the way to the bus stop in the morning chill

Rocking my black nails and 1 foot mohawk, plaid paints

Staying up until the next morning playing Dave Mirra’s BMX and Metal gear Solid

Years from now, was a hit or miss when I was young

Just thankful to have my boys and my girlfriend

Now I’m standing on a frozen roof


By: Obligatoryinsightpoet

The New Mix

Set forward

Suddenly drifting off 

Depth embrace 

Brief silence

Stirring up a playlist

Specially made to ward off, nightmarish dreams

Your night sounds, coming from a distance 

Soft whispers

Adjusting the sound track

Adding to the queue 

Followed by a increase in bass

Sound quality that keeps me in a dream

Filling in all the round corners of my mind

Glimpse of your face

I see behind the curtain

Body frozen 

A glimpse of all good things to come

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Our Own Understanding

Related image

Marks are made – to recluse

Embedded differences – natural to your pleasant liking

Beyond our better understanding….. we can sail as far as we want to go

Press in to unwind

Today… choosing to rest

No need to make our bed

Seeking purpose

Marks are made!

Tomorrow! Never knew we could create a need

Reproduce your negativity into artful thinking

From markings being made

Transform into your target

Might be a X that marks the right spot

From markings being made

A phrase that needs to be interpreted the right way

So long – starring into the bright sun

Unblind your focused gaze

Becoming more true and aware

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©





Stuck To The Tube

Appraising stare…

Parading… the avenues

Distuigished-like sounds

Drawing in

Relivent mono tones

Limited company to arrive soon

Past remnints set deliberately-out

With a English patina

Centuiers old

Parading…  the avenues

Through glass panes

Television theaters

Displaying different showcases


Coppers made out to be the villians

In this showing

On another tube

Concealed behind the smokescreen

Screaming fans can relate

Rising directors

Producing a drug

Driving profit into a talented generation

Bands rising to fame

Never being satisfied

Opening new markets for the brave and poor

The taxman always comes to collect

With a momentary cool breeze to follow

Back to the storm to follow behind it

I’ll take my parading eslewhere

Rather enjoy pub jumping instead, with the company I have

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Calling From The Inside

Cute, lights lifted up

To the day window


Peel back…. another existence

Polished galevized rivets,

Held together so strong

Weathering… it slowly comes crashing down

Lock, redirect the blinds

I’ll move you away

Turn away, sneak a peek at….. me

Nothing to worry about outside

Watching lips speak to you

Lending out a open hand

Changing mood,

Quickly…. don’t speak to soon

Cute, lifted away

Strong words

Moments being relayed over speaker system

Can be heard in all empty rooms

Polished brass, cracking paint

Peeling off the walls!

Those lips…. redirect me away from the outside

Bolted chain…. slipping away from a latch

Pushing aside… the door

To the only cleaned out room

Together…. laying down

A ceiling…. ever changing

Extending outwards

Left behind our bodies

Exploring together!

Countless traveling

We explored… dead and thriving planets

That time, you took my mind so easily off

Of what was going on outside

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©