“Feeling Down, Hope Still Remains”

Ever expanding love
Can’t quarantine my ability to freedom of speech
It’s all just a vicious cycle of greed, dirty money and pride, nothing but stuck up pride
All the good hearted, keep overflowing your cups with passion and love
To the women and men on the dirty streets with your child, broken hearted from society, I believe there is still hope for you
Lonely woman, your stronger than you know
And broken man, the tears you cry, is not a weakness
We must have some hope for the broken hearted

By: Anthony Leto


“No Sacred Land To Be Found”

Cunning planning, left a permanent mark on a once beutiful forest, from the flick of a cigarette

Give it time, give it time, mother natural will slowly heal that ash charcoal covered forest land

She may weep a bit, to moisten the soil

And the vultures help the ecosystem around, by eating the dead animal carcasses lying outside the edge of a once forest tree line

Give it time, give it time

A plush forest will rise once again, with all sorts of life

When tragedy strikes, mother natural needs to time to recover
She needs to weep, to moisten the soil

Sometimes she can’t recover from human demand!

When she try’s to creep in, our human nature cuts her off at the roots to make way for an ever expanding population

Many generations ago, she was more of a sacred land

By: Anthony Leto, ObligatoryInsightPoet

“Traversing A New Life”


“Traversing A New Life”

Sifting individual grains of sand through your cracked fingers, blisters on your palms

Waiting for some kind of rain to come your… way, just to get a fresh drink

Waiting on fresh rain, might be awhile anyway

Stained with salt on your torn clothing

Wreckage soaked up by the raging sea, now sitting on the sea bed

Smooth sailing, on the midnight seas, on the night you left

A growing civilization left behind, no family left to come back to anyway

They are sleeping peacefully in pine boxes

“A silent disease that killed the only ones close to me”

You can no longer see a glowing light from all the burning street lanterns

There is much to be explored, even though the weather will see it another way for you

Strong winds coming in from the north, snapping a sail line, while making a directional choice

Losing your grip, left with a ugly rope burn

She is abandoned and alone, testing her already hurt soul

Capsized by a raging sea

Muscles being stretched to sit yourself up, aching all over, this is not the ideal situation

Facing the sea, closing her eyes, she hopes for fresh rain to help restore her thirst

Carrying herself onward to find shelter, waiting on the rain

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet/Anthony Leto


“Many Decades Ahead”

And just like that
Suddenly a musician gone
A tragic death
Another star burned out

Even after they are gone
Thank you!
Inspiring me in so many ways
Thank you for sharing your voice for many decades to come

It’s still a fucking tragedy that your all gone
Your voices will carry on in my ears

With tons of music from your souls being poured out into my own life in some way
Sometimes a way that I can relate to

Causing me to bust out into tears

It’s not always the same energy I’m sure
While your voices performed live in a massive crowd

I’m thanking you all

By: Anthony Leto


“Random Events”

Street lights glowing lemon yellow hue

Concrete gutters filled with running mucky water

Salt tossed over the shoulder

Burning in someone’s eyes

Pupils dilated before having the splinters removed

Crowds protesting in front of government officials, with thier signs reading “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Officials don’t know why they keep trying

Printing press runs out of ink to print fat wuds of green crash

Elastic rubber bands dry out and crack before being shot across the seminar

Gorilla warfare takes to the miniature models with spray paint

Events set in motion

Unplugged audio Jack

While music plays

Stuffing the barrel of guns with flowers

Voids are being filled with all to much defining acts

Boundaries are being broken like the sound of collapsing buildings

By:Anthony Leto aka ObligatoryInsightPoet


“35mm Film Gems”

A picked 35mm film camera being used to shoot a movie

Like a good western, action or romance

To grace the silver screen

Empty lot on a dusty plain, from a bustling city, to be filled with eyes that will be frozen at the screen

With sounds from the movies traveling into the distance, of explosions, gun shots, screeching tires, running feet, birds chirping, glass SHATTERING, rain drops or thunder ROARING, door knobs turning

A good movie to get you entranced

Now, just now, from beginning to end, making you feel a different way for each character weather hero or villain

Everybody watching the picture on the silver screen

It was just a different era in time

I wish I could have been apart of that time

Rising songwriters and movie stars came to be

So often… gems can still be FOUND

Yet they seem to PASS AWAY

Natural death or of something sad

Because they could not speak a certain way or felt LONELY

Sometimes you have to find your own inspiration, something or someone to inspire YOU

We all just want, JUST WANT to be entertained in some way or the other

Take yourself back to those days

A drive in, or theater

So often, SO OFTEN, gems can still be found today

By:Anthony Leto


“Counter Clockwise”

Desiring, certain time lines

Breaks the cycle, turning back counter clockwise

Spent to much time finding the right time line

The heat is rising and the pressure, could cause a implosion anytime

Mix matching different textures, running down your face

And those textures begin to run down your sobbing face

You could lift your head or keep staring down at the cracked asphalt

The clouds seem more lofty anyway

Desiring, certain time lines

Just keep going in reverse counter clockwise

Mix matching textures coming from the staind glass of ruined catherdals while it rains

Giving the appearance of all those highlighted colors running down your face

By:Anthony Leto



Pour your combative nature into the swirling of a non stop world that is never ending

Deciding to scrape the bottom of the barrel, cause it might be your last time

Say something that won’t engulf your own soul

You spent so long, so long, searching for something beautiful

To have finally found now… many treasures unearthed

Stop being so greedy like all the others

Some have already engulfed their souls into a oblivion, searching for such treasures

So why, end up like them?

Your insides start to decay

But your struggling so hard to maintain yourself

Making a last trip into a place that is now barren, from the treasures you already stolen

It brings your soul to it’s near end

Spontaneous combustion is all it took to be ridden of you

By:Anthony Leto


“Makes Me Sick”

Fuck the politics and media, some of it seems to be bullshit anyway, just keep reading the cue cards

Just take the time to look at that beauty in humanity

I’m not talking about the dieing of common sense and homelessness

But damn, just for even a second, look at the beauty of humanity

Or the LGBT community getting thrown under the bus for wanting to live just like you and me

A system that is backwards, it’s not just about greed, even though you can’t take it with you anyway

Other cultures seem to appreciate things more than we do

Ya I’m talking about “WE the people” while some of the forefathers were drunk on arrogance when signing the declaration or independence

O no I’m not racist, yet what do you call a bunch of white people in a elevator?….. A box of crackers

You would never know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the ones you hate, dislike, call names and accuse

If you knew the different cultures that run deep in your blood, well shit, you minds well hang yourselves

The beauty in humanity is a lovely thing, tieing it in with nature and the solar system

There is so much beauty to be found in this world

By: Anthony Leto aka ObligatoryinsightPoet

“Tuesday Morning Paper Cartoons”

Let’s talk about something most fascinating

Were you raised to have etiquette manners?

While discussing Tuesday morning paper political cartoons

So something was said to upset your outview

Stood up so fast, you made yourself light headed

Slamming down your callused hand onto the table, callused just like your soul

Ignorance caused the drinking glass to cut deep into your hand

Isn’t exhausting to rant on about Tuesdays political cartoons?

Isn’t fascinating how some people can become so easily offended about politics?

By: Anthony Leto aka Obligatoryinsighpoet