Warm Lips


Taking their time

Pleasure, running down his lips

Wet, full of bliss

And warm…. pink lips

Next few nights

Just relax

She clinches silk sheets

Each night

Her body….

Under possession

For she can’t control

Thighs.. tight….

Wrapped around his waist

She bends… she moans

Liking it when he takes control

All the nights that he’s spent over at her place

She dresses up for him

He watches her

Rolling black sheer stockings up…

Naked top

Subtle contact

Kissing turns into more foreplay

Her back then lays over his chest

Moving in such motion

Breathing heavy

Warm pink lips

Pleasure, running down…. his lips

A bed full of bliss

“Next few nights, you are mine” she says

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Enough Guts


Tap into

Sweet smile

It grins from ear to ear

Pushing the blade closer

Throat is tight

Often it ends

Blood shed

And bandaids

Cover up the other wounds


It always bleeds through

Sweet smile

Grins from ear to ear


Take all the quick movements back

There’s always a blade waiting

On the nightstand


Hit the switch

Before I do

Acted so well

Next move

For the sake of

Motives have already been questioned

Wrist held tight

The blade takes the fall

Thrown aside


Hit the switch

First to

Grab the blade

Gets the cut

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Bellowing Chill

so I lay…


presently recording

in hopes of hearing you

the realm you wonder

is it not far from mine?

lucid dream

this is a way that I have trained my mind

now late and silent

creaking floor boards

resonate in the back rooms

empty with

only the chilled air that slowly bellows towards the front room

which I find to be just a thrill

in hopes of hearing you

So… let it be this way!

Drawn to my warm resting body,
now come my way!

don’t let it be another castaway dream

Presume your wondering….
down the hallway!

just a journal I wait to write in

to train my mind to control my dreams

passing presence

how it felt to have you move through me

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet