Overlooked So Easily 

“Overlooked So Easily”

Douse…. me in a river

In the direction that it flows

Elegant glaciers thaw out slowly

Cascading, crash into the river

Not quiet sure, which direction I’ll will be going anyway

Fluent in many ways

Soften my….

Soften my decision

Once the molecules freeze

I see…

I see a reflection starring back at me

Setting a tone

Setting a new look

Setting what is becoming natural

Unnatural me, meets new a natural way

Dousing me

Dousing myself with a new purity, of clear water

In a poised manner

I’v carried out my toxic silence

Sun is setting

Melting the frozen layer away

Fluent in so many ways

Continue to go on

Continue to be me, naturally

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Roaring Sun

Overdue explanations 

Leaves less fuel to burn in the tank

Rivets popped from the extreme heat of a roaring sun

Cautious steps we take, over the lava that flows beneath our feet 

Underlying fiber optics feed into brainwash homes

False knowledge, being spread over the tv 

We failed from the start of civilization 

Entertained by lions 

While we still watch people being teared into by society  

Out on beggars corners, people stand

Governments drain our funds

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet 

Sun & Soil

Heavy rain 

Tempered skies 

Summer heat 

Winds mixed with your essence

Penetrates my flesh

3000 ft. above sea level 

Sun and soil

Giving off a sweet aroma of wine that flows from the foothills

Wine rushing to the shadow of your feet

Invoking me closer your way

Her shadow grows farther out from a rising sun

Putting more distance between me and her

When will I catch up?

Racing to her rising shadow 

Subsiding sun 

Standing her ground

From the passing of sweet wine

The outline of her body 

Let’s me know that I am near

Our shadows grow far off into the foothills together