Always a Cost


From above

Birds and their agile wings

Wither fade

And below

Graceful locomotion

Doesn’t endure the crash

Except the boxed treasure it holds

Silence in the dreary weather

Cries to the wayward trees

Blazing in the distance!

Light ash falls

Covering the truce that was taken to soon and made

Dig by cutting deeper

What more to retrieve

The evidence underlies

From this mishap

To what might have occurred to us early

A thief entered in from behind

Behind the scenes

Retrieving costly treasure

By: ObigatoryInsightPoet©





“Dancing Octopus Hearts”



“Dancing Octopus Hearts”

Enter into the porcelain room

Sits a table placed in the center

Cause the birds have built nests inside each ceramic cavity

Octopus hearts dance to the offbeat shindig

Coming from the birds

Playing music inside the head and lungs

Shape the clay

Molding it into a beautiful bouquet

Toss it in the kiln

Watch it reach to temperatures between 2,192 and 2,552 degrees

Within the fired clay

Formation of mullite and glass arises taking place

Wait to its cooled down

Placing the porcelain bouquet on the table

Sets off the rest of the room

Shutting the door behind

Octopus hearts continue to dance

To the offbeat music coming from the birds