Broken Layers 

Ambients is felt, beneath the floor

Dust settles, cellar floor

Ageing, soaking up unique flavour

A chill seeps into empty the rooms

Each layer of snow, adds weight until the roof collapse

Fast rush of heat pops a few nail heads up from the floor boards

Structural flaws

Natural weathering

Break through

Crushing aged barrels

Leaking exlixers

Seeping  into the second cellar below

Being poured into empty glasses

Opposing rotation carousel mirror

Shows a grand party happening

Era that was once decadent in its own way

Flash bulb shattering

All the eyes light up in the reflection of the rotating carousel

Soft spoken voices echoing into a empty room

Shadow outlines fade away

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



Risk It All


Come to me

And I’ll show you around

We brace for it all

Rise! Rise!

To what do we owe

Each other

Just rise with me

Now! Now!

Forget everything you were taught

Spent all your time just roaming around

Your mind never slipped

Never! Never look back!

These gods

Warned us!

We’d turn to stone

So just continue to rise with me

Brace for the ride

I’ll carry you unto the end

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Bleeding Colors


Plunge into

Deep hypnotic

A state

Really made

To increase

Our own measure

Learned new ways

To trickle in different directions

Down your neck

Unfiltered thoughts

Become more mindful

Surroundings tear apart

New ideas

Canvas are spread out

Take form

Bleeding colors

Spare no empty spaces

Absorbing highly appreciated art form

Taken on by new eyes


Only to bring into full view

Bought by new users

Crawled out from their own place

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Vessel ¹


Deep breath

Seated on the sill

This earth better swallow me whole

Shear beauty


Your grip gave way

And i, watch you look right into my dying eyes

Carry myself higher

So make no plans to leave

Stop to rest on the crumbling roof tops

The silence carries on and on

Hands on the clock, bend

Yield all good growth

Just to watch it rot

Wrecked vessel finds it way

Towards the center of gravity

Drawing its way

Closer and closer

My way

To be repaired

And to breath again

Catching thee salt air

Anchors have already been released

Carrying me higher

Only to see

Shear beauty of her round mass

Being swallowed

From within

Huge explosion

Takes place

Outward beauty

Being made all over newly land

Take that deep breath

Once more

Only to be informed

Seated promptly on the sill

There’s a peace that settles

Over this place

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©