Gauge the sequence

Ceiling spread with fog

On and on

Mirror the others

Just a tragedy

Get up off your lazy ass

Stop this

“I’m being bored!”

Caving under the peer pressure

Trying to be like rest!

Smoke screen

To prove that you belong……


Eerie next to apposing

Fuck this!

Something is strange

Tired of being bored

Make whole

While you sit

It’s just a tragedy

So prove the others wrong

Benched from the feelings that hold you back

All the others slowly

Roller skate in a strange motion

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


The Proper Moan


Show focus, where it is needed

Show love, never should be dull

Laugh with, not to be alone

Cry for, can’t be selfish

Hate, never loses its meaning

New life, a new breath being taken daily

Favor, do not always extend?

Being late, is just an excuse

Tell me again

Proper adequate

For new entry

Into this system of laws

That have been held up for so long

Pleasing me

My body drools

Make all this worth my time

Sexy undertone is near

In watching this all

Being preformed before me

My body moans

Make your move on me now!

Weaken my bones

Movement of flesh

Breaking a sweat


Draws me closer

Dressed to be naughty


By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©