Life Not To Be Bargained For

“Life Not To Be Bargained For

Capturing own image from another side of things

Appear to be what you truly are looking for….

Pulling own ways, things slowly built up over the years

What we truly are…..

Such a world to be taught of bad things….

It’s finding your way

A world so blind, filled with lies about what is wrong or right

How we should act or feel….

Capture yourself a image, of who you are really are

Why must hiding feel so wrong?

Why must teaching this way at a young age, be pushed upon?

What is…. the true you?

So be pulled, all the way through to become who we really are

Never had a chance.

It’s never to late

Some still look, to find themselves

Capture our own image of what we really are

Live the life that’s been given to you….

Capturing own image, let it pull you fully in

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet