Always a Cost


From above

Birds and their agile wings

Wither fade

And below

Graceful locomotion

Doesn’t endure the crash

Except the boxed treasure it holds

Silence in the dreary weather

Cries to the wayward trees

Blazing in the distance!

Light ash falls

Covering the truce that was taken to soon and made

Dig by cutting deeper

What more to retrieve

The evidence underlies

From this mishap

To what might have occurred to us early

A thief entered in from behind

Behind the scenes

Retrieving costly treasure

By: ObigatoryInsightPoet©





Naked & Sore

So we fumigate

Minus the attacks


I see purple and black

Marked up

Swing your body towards us

Warning strike

Doesn’t stop

Always to break a sweat

Marked up

Feeling sore

Makes for a better under skin sensation

So we fumigate

Take a dip

Into a bath of my own treasures

Sink to another

Only to rise

Covered in gleaming jewels

Often we fake

Wearing nothing but

Our naked selves

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet