SheepCat’s Lullaby



“This writing is not in the style of a mellow, soft spoken lullaby”

Some days.. I feel like sporting my mohawk

Back in the day as a teen

Now a days… you’ll find me a on roof

Laying glass

I take pride making my living that way

Joking with my roof mates

Grit rubbing off the soul of my shoes

Good traction is all I need

That keeps me on the sandpaper plain

When I rise early.. just to drive to my workday

Oh! how I enjoy the scenery

My view from the ground and above roof tops

Makes each day worth wild

Singing a true down to earth lullaby

And some days… I feel… like sporting my mohawk

Just to relive those days

Now a days… I try to make each day not go to waste

Headed off to home soon

So to end my lullaby

I always look forward to, what the next day will bring

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Strong Emotions


Quick withdrawal

Look!, you must have seen a ghost

Starring back at you

Seeing what you have done

Jealous soul

Wants to take everything you have

Careless death

Planned out every move

Wasted soul

What was the motive?

Cold steel barrel, aimed ahead

Pulling the trigger, from all the misguided pent up rage

Pupils cold and still

Blood finds its ways through the cracks

Innocent soul

Now don’t forget

Wrongful death

Killing the wrong person

Haunts you

So look in the mirror

You must have seen something….

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet