“What The $#@k!,To young to fast”


Fucked up words

Half assed, backward stories, flooded my youth

Now at age 31 my left ass cheek burns from the salt up on the roof


Lingering stench from the shit pipe

O fuck, paying the price for staying up late, when you have adulting things to do the next day

Right hand steady shaking, from the repetitive last year’s of hard work

Shit! and what the fuck

My childhood was fun and fast

I would quickly go back briefly, just to run around the neighborhood, doing are best jackass stunts, building half assed ramps

Listening to blink 182 in the morning on the way to the bus stop in the morning chill

Rocking my black nails and mohawk and plaid paints

Staying up until the next morning playing Dave Mirra’s BMX and Metal gear Solid

Years from now, was a hit or miss when I was young

Now I’m standing on a frozen roof


By: Obligatoryinsightpoet

SheepCat​ Approved – Past and Present

Humble beginnings. 

Here are just a few of solar installs that I have done. From start to finish, I love the whole process of the install. A glass sea reflection from a constant revolving earth, that makes the sky look like it is rolling above us. Only does more justification in real time. Coming up to 4 years now of have been doing installs. I have two crew leads to thank, my dad’s hard work ethnic, the amazing people I have worked​ with and currently work with, my old office manager and my new o.m.. I am looking forward to many more years.

SheepCat’s Lullaby



“This writing is not in the style of a mellow, soft spoken lullaby”

Some days.. I feel like sporting my mohawk

Back in the day as a teen

Now a days… you’ll find me a on roof

Laying glass

I take pride making my living that way

Joking with my roof mates

Grit rubbing off the soul of my shoes

Good traction is all I need

That keeps me on the sandpaper plain

When I rise early.. just to drive to my workday

Oh! how I enjoy the scenery

My view from the ground and above roof tops

Makes each day worth wild

Singing a true down to earth lullaby

And some days… I feel… like sporting my mohawk

Just to relive those days

Now a days… I try to make each day not go to waste

Headed off to home soon

So to end my lullaby

I always look forward to, what the next day will bring

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©