Her Entrance, Her Own Show.

Draped canvases

Make the entrance true into your own show

Slow down the tipping of the bow

Optical star illusion, glaze arcoss the room

Winged horse, take it for a ride

To guide you anywhere in such a grand expanse

Your own paraffin, squeezed out from solid oak

Watching the wax flourishing down

Dyeing your favorite colors at the same time

Shaped up to a solid mural

Quickly melting away

A frozen still is taken

Make memories, into the late hours

Reach out, to turn back the hands

Turning the spotlight on you

Now journey

Depth hollow rings

Covered in jewels

Pretty prisims of light

Guide you backstage

Curtains are closing

Take seat at the vanity

Dress your face for the next act

Where ever your mind is leading you to

Prepare to follow, deep thoughts

Put you back to the final act

Now curtsy to your peaceful awakening

Lying on the daybed, cold

Stoking the flames

To keep her warm

Slightly she fades back into her dream

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©