Circa 7/7/13 – Vile says, “Drink Me”


Baby girl lays in the white carriage,

under the english sun

It’s a cool day to giggle at the sparrows swooping down for a drink from the bird bath

Quickly turning her eyes to the pink pedals spiraling down from the blossom tree

Her parents have tea for two,

eating shortbread & biscuits with strawberry jam

Talking about politics & nonsense

Short legs running through the lavender fields

Chasing after butterflies & dragonflies

She finds the great cherry tree

Standing at the bottom of the tree

Ticking away

Peeks her head into the hallowed hole at the bottom of the tree

Finds a golden pocket watch

Her mothers voice calls out, “Alice, It’s time for dinner!”

Tucking it away in the pocket

She starts to run towards back home

After dinner,

she stores it away in her treasure chest

The sun begins to set

She dresses for bed

Mother reads her a story

Eyes set heavy,

she’s off to sweet dream land

The house is quiet,

A mysterious white rabbit dressed in a mixed match of colorful palettes

Twitching his way to the front door,

he his most indefinitely hyped up from the amount of sugar he puts in his tea

He conjures up the ability to turn the knob slowly

Tiptoes up the spiral staircase & down the narrow hall

He begins to loose all control

This was not his first attempt you see

Before in the past,

he tried once in a blue moon,

to attain the very thing that is precious to him,

that keeps him on time,

so he won’t be late to the tea parties he attends

Alice is now young in her teens

Floor boards creak from underneath his hairy feet

Pretending to be asleep

She knows it is him

Thinking he’s going to be caught this time

He grabs the chest,

Alice jumps out of bed


he takes off quick hopping & running back through the hall with the chest in hand

Alice goes after the mysterious white rabbit this time

He, yelling down the hallway, “I’m going to be late!”

Alice’s parents dead asleep

She can barely keep up

The sun slowly starts to rise

As she continues to run after him

Forced to follow his foot imprints

Leading up to the hallowed opening in the bottom of the cherry tree

Peaking her head in at first,

Something differently strange this time

A pitch black hole catches her attention this time

Drawling her in,

knees bent,

looking down for a bit into the hole

Rips a silver button off her pant pocket,

drops it into the darkness,

she never hears it hit

Hers eyes get lost in the darkness,

Alice loses her center of balance,

falling in

Grabs a root,

she tries to hold on for dear life

It’s not the root that breaks,

she loses her grip

Amount of silence,

until she lets out a scream

Dropping fast,

when will this end?

She faints in mid air,

awaken by bells ringing,

there is all this silverware, glass mirrors & other stuff falling around her

Things begin to warp  & bend

except for her

Stop!, she cries out,

fainting for the last time

Opens her eyes,

“I’m glad it was only a bad dream”

Taking a first glance around,

a gold door with a key hole and lock

Not to mention everything is much bigger than me

Alice sees a vile that says “drink me”,

a cookie cutter punched out shape heart cookie that says “eat me”,

& a skeleton key on the table above her

Managing to climb up the wall,

she is able to jump on top of the table,

mouth is dry

knocking over the vile

She takes a sip,

her body expands to the right height to grab the key,

stomach rumbles from the emptiness

Next she eats the cookie with key in hand

Both her & the key shrink to the right size

No time to waste,

Opening the golden door,

leads to a whole new unique world

Young teenage girl,

goes on to find the white rabbit



Circa – 7/18/13 Ravishing even though she weeps


“I wrote this for my future lover.”

My intentions….

Follow you, through & through

Cant wait to seek your intriguing mysteries

Only good thoughts a plenty

She so intoxicating,

to me!

She is seen as ravishing

to me!

Let me raid your mind

Silently I steal your bad past

I’d replace it all

With new treasure of mine

She so intuned with me.

Im so thankful,

to have you

I just want to focus on our future

Reason may be

When ever you breakdown

I will pick you right back up immediately!

Useing my love to heal you.

She doesn’t know it yet

I’ll remain a constant in her life


Circa 6/18/13 – Unattached and Ascending



From the string

Floating over the rooftops & busy city streets

Fumes bellow from tall stacks & sewer caps

The wind guides me higher

Below I see  

Congested avenues & boulevards

Sun hits the panes

Creating a sea of glass 

Melodramatic kid 

Watches me ascend higher into the toxic fumes

Sobbing to his mom

I reach beyond his view

Sweet words of affirmation from his mom

Calm him down

Several streets ahead 

Young girl slowly releases her balloon

Intrigued by the way it ascends 

Wind guides it to the contour of my round shape body

Passing each other

The sun shows our one translucent color

Her eyes and feet follow in the direction of the balloon

They bump into each other

Spending the rest of their childhood playing together 

Walk out from cathedral doors

To tossed rice and dove birds 

They left for the beautiful Italian countryside

Bought two balloons 

Two lovers released them at the same time


Circa 2015 – For Many Reasons


I had a lot of fun with this writing and taking the picture. Got sent with a traveling crew to Clarksburg, MD, for SolarCity. There we stayed in a sheraton hotel. I decided that I wanted to set the picture for this writing.


The very essence of a new lover

Steal my heart

Mess with tampered evidence

Of a pass new lover, and their quarrels

Work your way in!

Not to seek after and ruin

Never to abuse, but to forever and always love

Pierce their very own heart…..

If not a team player

Then just stay away!

Come in to only destroy

That was the wrong way…. to win a broken heart

Steal my heart

Rubbish is only to be thrown in the trash with wishful lies

Can’t you see the beauty?

Over or pass your own deceptive eyes

So, some push in


Leaving a shattered mess

Now, need time to heal and recover

And the back of our throats hurt

Yelling out in anger

Only to conclude


The very way

Either good or bad

It will go

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet
Photo taken by ObligatoryInsightPoet

Circa 2013 – Part 1, Black Cat Deja Vu


Déjà vu
Black cat purrs
Tail rubs up against leg
Neck bent down
Starring out wide open
Broken window
Torn blinds, shatter glass, partial flesh
Left behind!
Tears covered arm rest
Hair rested over to
She can’t decide
Grabs small hand gun from her husbands suitcase
Russian roulette
Silver bullets
Rest in hand
Man tied up & gaged
Bleeding from a fallen frame
From being knocked up against wall
She gets up
Rocks him in the head with her knee
Headed to the bathroom
Wipes makeup off face
Looks down
Places one round in
Spins chamber once
Déjà vu
Your body hits poolside water so hard
Felt more like concrete
Imagine what that must of looked like
Cascading blood & guts
Spill over from the breathtaking view
Screams heard all the way up to the 50th floor
Déjà vu
She left in the morning for work
Pink lipstick love message on medicine cabinet
Hit snooze button
Continued to sleep a little extra
Pull the sheet from eyes
Light pours into irises
Message read
Shower curtain
Held by brass rings
Steam filled bathroom
Escapes through bottom opening
Bellowing out
Déjà vu
She takes her time
Driving towards small city district
Picking up fresh produce
Shes planning a special dinner for tonight
Déjà vu
Tinted windows
Pulls up under awning
Walks in nonchalantly
“Room #100 just got cleaned out on the 50th floor, your right across from room 98”
Grabs card key
Pulls into parking space
Eyes quickly pass up the many stories
Déjà vu
Sitting on coach
Feet kicked up
Reading the paper
All dressed up
Elevator reaches your floor
Sound of wheels travel down the hallway
Beep & shut
Déjà vu
Set bag on dressed bed
Zipper pulled
Flip open
Hands move clothes aside
Reaches for gun
Looks left & right down hall way
Knocking at your door
Peer through eyehole
O, s***!, how did he find me?
Door kicked in
Turning to run
Silent shots go off
Piercing your back
Laying on a blood stained carpet on your stomach
He comes up on you
Dragging you over to the window
Struggling to stand up
Déjà vu
She returns back from shopping
Elevator ride up
Broken splinters on the floor lay in the hall way
Dropping bags immediately
Rushing to
The situation putting you back into your fleshly eyes
Watching it replay itself for the first time
One last glance at your pretty wife
Silent shots fired into chest
Kicking you through the window
Flesh caught on broken glass
Wind up against your back
Get lost into the moving sky
Your life seems to slow down
Falling towards the end
Déjà vu
Nothing she can do
Bum rushes the man
Grabs him quick
Takes ahold of his neck
Throwing him into the wall
A picture frame falls off
Déjà vu
After spinning the chamber
I want you to answer my ?’s!
Places barrel to his nuts
Removes gag from his evil mouth
Slowly pulls back on trigger
He jumps
Mouth still sealed
Slowly pulls trigger again
Alright! I’ll speak, just don’t blow my nuts away
I came here cause your husband had a hit out on him
Why? She says
Your husband left my brother out in the desert to die,
yep, we found him dead, poisoned by a scorpion.
Where’s the letter at, stating the hit?
A smirk on his face lit up
Checking his pockets
She pulls out the letter
See’s her husband’s name & her’s
Where is your boss located at?
Ha, you must be out of your fucking mind bitch!
Saying your lucky
Okay, he says
After giving the address
Pulls the trigger slowly
Click, bang!
Your weren’t lucky that time
She struggles to drag him over to the window
Kicks his body out
More screams rise to the 50th floor
Déjà vu
Looking down at what is left of your dead husband
Black cat purrs
Tail rubs up against her leg
Struts away
Into the hall way
Cops rush in
Interrogated that night
I shot him,
cause he was coming after me
Miss, your free to go
A cop was kind enough to take her to the airport
Walking in the front door
Black cat walks in from behind
Déjà vu…..

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

I had a lot of fun writing these both, very dark, enjoy.

Circa 2013 – Deep Red


Deep red!

Crimson color bleeds throughout the pinkish pedals

Inside the blossom

Sweet nectar sticks to the stem

Land delicately on her

I try not to tickle her

Feeding off the nectar

It tantalizes me

Desiring for more

Can’t get enough of

She’s like a flower to me

Fully bloomed

Deep red!

Saliva from my tongue drips

For more

The taste absorbs into my mouth

Has the wind blows the flower around like crazy

She felt me go deeper in

Underneath to the the other side of red

Were more of the sweet nectar hid

It tantalizes me

I come back for more

Once I’v told others about our love

Deep red!

Crimson color drew me in

Sweet nectar brought me closer to her

I’ll want to wither and die with you

Who knows when that time will be

Until then, will you stay with me?

I want to know more about her

Picture taken by me.

Circa – 2013 Streaming Transitions


Streaming transitions

Orange chocolate

Melts in your mouth

Down the crease of lip

Inbetween the crack of your chin

Dial in the nobs to the transition radios

Someones knocking out a morses code

Behind padded walls

Telegraphs decoded

Adjust the cassette tape

Spinning counterclockwise

Hit the record button

White noises fade in & out

Fried out tubes

Waiting to be replaced

Stick’em in the peanut oil

Static buzzes in the ears of your attuned mind

Close the glass cap

Submerge to the sea of electromatic frequencies

Ride the rails of a radio tube train

Plug in the audio cable

From streaming transitions

Fiber optics make up the cortex of your mind

Rotational flip back to the water line

Lit gasoline

Ignites burning frequencies into a scintillation expanse

Aspire for what sets deep within

Use both hands to stretch out the projection in front of you

Study carefully

Digital projection leads to notes on the lines

Head back into the padded room

Sit in the retro swivel chair

Playback the notes & set the beat

Streaming transitions

Leads me

Into a

Extravagance trance

Of melody

Flavor of the orange chocolate melts in my mouth


Found this cool picture online that I used and inspired me to write this.