Passion Over Media

Due to the media, things will always be brought to our attention. Things have been becoming more evident over the centuries and up until to this present time. I’m talking about everything you hear about that happens around us. That includes a war, lgbt rights, racism, pedophiles, wrongful deaths, poverty, crime, heroism, drugs…… and so forth. Regardless a lot of these issues have been going on for a long time. To think things will change. Yes, there will always be hope. We can never give up hope,. Weather it’s for you or someone else. I think we can all say that a big part of this from the media side, a lot of this has to do with money/ capitalizing.
We all have some sort of passion inside of us, a heart for people.

A New Passion


Take me

For another



Along side

She presses on my chest

Rocking in rhythm

Filter out all the bad lenses

Nearing the focus

Of the lenses

Snap shot the movements

Under red light

Take shape

Just has we sweat out

Back and forth we ride

Each other

Reaching a new high

Abroad the many places

We have taken each other

To new places!

Under red light

Taken our time

To feel…..

Ride alongside

Paying no attention

To who peeks in on us

Fog on the windows

Pressed up against

Comfy seats


Back bend

Capture all the movements

Under red light

Frame by frame


A set of portraits

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©