Strong Emotions


Quick withdrawal

Look!, you must have seen a ghost

Starring back at you

Seeing what you have done

Jealous soul

Wants to take everything you have

Careless death

Planned out every move

Wasted soul

What was the motive?

Cold steel barrel, aimed ahead

Pulling the trigger, from all the misguided pent up rage

Pupils cold and still

Blood finds its ways through the cracks

Innocent soul

Now don’t forget

Wrongful death

Killing the wrong person

Haunts you

So look in the mirror

You must have seen something….

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet

Impurities Cause Flaws


“Under a microscope, as shown above, glass reveals a rough surface made of peaks and potholes.”


Your jester’s

Made know to you…

But not to play around

Anymore in the sandbox

Building castles

Only to have them nocked down…..


Feel something

Towards your ways

Cause a new transition

Offered more than this

Once again

Thanks for the undecided votes

The glamour

Struck down

All the flaws!

Impurities that could once be seen in the mirror

Faded away!

The glamour

It hides underneath

All the flaws!

And credited

To the voices

That share your beauty

Always offer

More and more

Outcomes for you

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©