Shatter My View


Image taken by: ObligatoryInsightPoet/Anthony Leto

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Shatter my view

The seat is turned your way

Control panels and levers are not just for play

I don’t need a lonely ride…..

Ride with me

Ride with me to high altitudes

Shatter my view

On all things that may betray me

I don’t need no more lonely rides

To much empty space to be flying through alone with

Not many clear pads to land on

Just shatter my view

It will only do me best

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Eternal Pain




It always takes a heated core

To begin melting away

Depth it takes to drill

More stolen resources

Leave behind eternal damaged goods

Like…. we try.

Keep on drilling

Profusely bleeding black gold

Replenished healing takes more time

Keep on ruining!

She might just fight back.

Making a difference

Just, doesn’t matter anymore

No possible future to be had

Still she…. bleeds


Always, we sought out to live off such great land

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©