SheepCat​ Approved – Past and Present

Humble beginnings. 

Here are just a few of solar installs that I have done. From start to finish, I love the whole process of the install. A glass sea reflection from a constant revolving earth, that makes the sky look like it is rolling above us. Only does more justification in real time. Coming up to 4 years now of have been doing installs. I have two crew leads to thank, my dad’s hard work ethnic, the amazing people I have worked​ with and currently work with, my old office manager and my new o.m.. I am looking forward to many more years.


The Stasis


Lovely dreams

Weave to the great end

We might all fall off

To the edge of the earth

Bound by everything

We are

Put into a deep trance

Sailing through all the rough ideas

Attaching snippets

Of paper-mache

Pasted ideas

Once again become great cycles of a dream

Bound and rewind!

Cause of these motions

Lovely dreams


What kind minded experience do you feel from a newly acquired gift?

So we weave our pasts

Passes to our own trails

Blazing forward!

And every new entry leading

To a recurring bad dream

Dieing off like a virus

Once we’ve found the cure

But we are first

Put into a deep trance

Becoming quite at first

All our lovely dreams

Take a hold

Weaving to the great end

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©