Caesar Rodney – Man who road through storm to sign the declaration of independece


Caesar Rodney immediately left for Philadelphia, either on horseback (as depicted in the epic statue on Rodney Square in Wilmington Delaware) or by carriage, as his brother Thomas’s letter states. Riding all night in a torrential rainstorm, he arrived at Independence Hall on July 2, 1776 muddy, wet, and fatigued but “booted and spurred”, and also seriously ill. The eighty mile trip had consumed eighteen hours, and much of his vitality. He was strong enough to break the Delaware tie and vote for independence, adding Delaware to the successful vote that day, and the eventual unanimous vote later in July. Shortly thereafter all three Delaware delegates signed the Declaration of Independence.

5:30 A.M To Rise


from the early daybreak of the sun rays in circular motion

beating down on every rooftop

multi colored shingles

that fade over time

to the alarm clock

going off at 5:30 a.m. every morning

toss the sheet to rise!

fresh start to a new day

crews fill in the empty parking spaces

fresh coffee grounds brewing

box trucks and sprinters being loaded up

take the commute of

passing buildings and city streets

a different install everyday on homeowners grounds

prep the day that lays ahead

the territory of weather

that always comes with every job

battle the heat,rain and cold

shoveling snow

fingers numb to the bone

sweat coursing down your face

quench the cold water

trickling down the back of your throat

send the “first man up”

setting safety

rooftop anchors away

bringing that kw in

adding up every single day

glass sea of panels laid

reflections of a rolling sky

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet