Broken Layers 

Ambients is felt, beneath the floor

Dust settles, cellar floor

Ageing, soaking up unique flavour

A chill seeps into empty the rooms

Each layer of snow, adds weight until the roof collapse

Fast rush of heat pops a few nail heads up from the floor boards

Structural flaws

Natural weathering

Break through

Crushing aged barrels

Leaking exlixers

Seeping  into the second cellar below

Being poured into empty glasses

Opposing rotation carousel mirror

Shows a grand party happening

Era that was once decadent in its own way

Flash bulb shattering

All the eyes light up in the reflection of the rotating carousel

Soft spoken voices echoing into a empty room

Shadow outlines fade away

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Bellowing Chill

so I lay…


presently recording

in hopes of hearing you

the realm you wonder

is it not far from mine?

lucid dream

this is a way that I have trained my mind

now late and silent

creaking floor boards

resonate in the back rooms

empty with

only the chilled air that slowly bellows towards the front room

which I find to be just a thrill

in hopes of hearing you

So… let it be this way!

Drawn to my warm resting body,
now come my way!

don’t let it be another castaway dream

Presume your wondering….
down the hallway!

just a journal I wait to write in

to train my mind to control my dreams

passing presence

how it felt to have you move through me

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet