Vacant Room


Nauseous is the sense of all outcomes

Mixed with the wrong chemicals of our own product

Close encounter with sharp objects in the same room

Held up by disillusion

Vacant to our own advantage

Fill our own rooms

To things that please us

Unbalanced dreams hard to read

Then your words begin to become jumbled

Always out to push the envelop

Making your case

To solve new problems that may occur

Burdens that are drawn out to long

Trail of ignited gasoline

Leads to a heaped pile of filth

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©

Fire & Ice



Fire squad

Shows up in the freezing temperatures

The call came from the fire box

Hanging on the a side of a building

Very decerated building burns inside

The mystery remains to how the fire started

Flames grow & spread bigger as it ignites highly flammable materials

Number of casualties rise

Some barely make it out

Fire trucks arrive

Man on top begins to pump

Water flows out from the stretched out hose

Taking a few men to control the power of the hose

Due to the freezing temperature

Fire extinguishers freeze inside the building & bust

Liquid from the extinguishers

Covers the outside of the building

A beuitiful disaster of fire & ice