Our Own Understanding

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Marks are made – to recluse

Embedded differences – natural to your pleasant liking

Beyond our better understanding….. we can sail as far as we want to go

Press in to unwind

Today… choosing to rest

No need to make our bed

Seeking purpose

Marks are made!

Tomorrow! Never knew we could create a need

Reproduce your negativity into artful thinking

From markings being made

Transform into your target

Might be a X that marks the right spot

From markings being made

A phrase that needs to be interpreted the right way

So long – starring into the bright sun

Unblind your focused gaze

Becoming more true and aware

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©








Watch and wait!

Spreading rays

Towards heirloom jewelry

So bright

Blinds you!

Always there to be taken

If you dare


Rope and cuffs

She ties me up to the bed post!

“Now that I have you”

Behind transparent wall

Dressing in red lingerie

Watch and wait

Silk legs

Beauty walk

Lace and all

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©