Stuck To The Tube

Appraising stare…

Parading… the avenues

Distuigished-like sounds

Drawing in

Relivent mono tones

Limited company to arrive soon

Past remnints set deliberately-out

With a English patina

Centuiers old

Parading…  the avenues

Through glass panes

Television theaters

Displaying different showcases


Coppers made out to be the villians

In this showing

On another tube

Concealed behind the smokescreen

Screaming fans can relate

Rising directors

Producing a drug

Driving profit into a talented generation

Bands rising to fame

Never being satisfied

Opening new markets for the brave and poor

The taxman always comes to collect

With a momentary cool breeze to follow

Back to the storm to follow behind it

I’ll take my parading eslewhere

Rather enjoy pub jumping instead, with the company I have

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©