Broken Layers 

Ambients is felt, beneath the floor

Dust settles, cellar floor

Ageing, soaking up unique flavour

A chill seeps into empty the rooms

Each layer of snow, adds weight until the roof collapse

Fast rush of heat pops a few nail heads up from the floor boards

Structural flaws

Natural weathering

Break through

Crushing aged barrels

Leaking exlixers

Seeping  into the second cellar below

Being poured into empty glasses

Opposing rotation carousel mirror

Shows a grand party happening

Era that was once decadent in its own way

Flash bulb shattering

All the eyes light up in the reflection of the rotating carousel

Soft spoken voices echoing into a empty room

Shadow outlines fade away

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



“My Worth”

Picking up the mallet 

There is a shelf full of odd stories

Several golden leaf, written letter titles

Reading the one book with a hidden picture of a drawn mallet on the side pages

Pool of blood covered on a bare floor

Does it equal up to a bruised body?

Does it equal up to a loaded gun, pointed at the forehead?

And she says…

Some men…..”

Before she wacks him on the skull

Breaking soil in the garden to bury that dead weight deep

She twitches

She can’t move

Pail of bleach, soiled mop

Blood dyes the chemical red

Glance over to the shelf

Look for any clues

There is a light that shines overhead

She feels blind

Twicthing again

Sleep paralysis, she has fallen into

Long day of work from a late shift

Sipping coffee

He greats her with a sensual kiss

Hot shower he takes to wash the sweat away

Quick to pack a few things to leave

Message on the fridge reads “I need some time alone”

Grabbing mallet off the rack

Worth enough to her

Walking into a quiet house late

She plays a crying sobb well

True emotions she feels

Quick words from him down the hall

Fake comforting in his words

“I’m going back to bed”

And she says…

“Some men….”

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


A Token That Can Be Explained

Felt the deceased 

It was just another day of time

Piercing through my own soul

Comprehending life 

Warm souls 

That can be taken away so quickly

Hate used so constant

We all know we bleed the same

Graves of the unknown 

Sad feeling coming over me

Children, parents taken away

Rooted to deeply 

Hate, made to enable

We all know… anybody is capable of such things

Just human

Mother nature, not so.

Today the news replays devastating natural disasters

We never have control over what happens

Caught in vicious cycle

Just human

To which, peace can be found

I hope to those who have lost a life, from violence or mother nature

Peace will come your way

May it even bring in new life for you 

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Lady Cadaver

Steady streaming 

Robbing different frequencies

Steady holding the top sails

Pillage and recorded

Kept, to be replayed 

Mind, remains at ease breifly 

Wooden hall coated with a strong taste of salt

 2× Keep on sailing

Lady cadaver, at the head of this ship

Still filled with plenty of life in her

Guiding each of those men along

Stowed away, enough barrels slowly bleeding with alcohol

Delusions set in quick 

When the streaming stops

Shedding away the layers of sun damaged skin 

Lady cadaver, she just grins 

Thier flesh might smell

Doesn’t stop them from eating each other alive

Some ship mates being tossed over to the hurrgy sharks 

Lady cadaver guiding the ship so effortlessly

Match strikes a piece of flint

A ship from afar can be seen from a bustling port

Black smoke and flames leaves no one left to be saved

Lady cadaver still intacked

She is to be mounted to a new vessel

Steady streaming, same tunes 

Leading a new group of men to their death

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


Two Faced Problems

Words on the pages

Spit fire to a new generation

You have a president grabbing a chick by the pussy

Uncle Sam must be turning in his grave with al the other forefathers, who bled for this land

But wait, we lie to our children in school, to make a America just sound a little better

Did we not steal land from the original owners, native Americans

Not much of a political man

I see things as they are

Back in a era, call it the biblical times, roman empire, any sorts of another    culture

Just call it what it is

All this wrongful evil is just becoming more relivent these days

It goes back further

Qouting a written texts thousands of years old

Think about that for a second

It all started from word to ear, got passed down so far, still we don’t know what the full truth is

Not saying all is a lie

So find your passion

What gets you through life?

The law of attraction, wicken, church, religion, Buddhism….

The list goes on, don’t want to make it sound like I’m bashing anybody

Don’t always take someones word

Decphicer for yourself, find what fits right for you

Choose your battles wisely

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©