The New Mix

Set forward

Suddenly drifting off 

Depth embrace 

Brief silence

Stirring up a playlist

Specially made to ward off, nightmarish dreams

Your night sounds, coming from a distance 

Soft whispers

Adjusting the sound track

Adding to the queue 

Followed by a increase in bass

Sound quality that keeps me in a dream

Filling in all the round corners of my mind

Glimpse of your face

I see behind the curtain

Body frozen 

A glimpse of all good things to come

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet



Vacant buildings

Covered by evergreens


Cracked asphalt

The scent of perfume

Bleak hope of finding her

Buried deep within the core


Kneel unto your knees

Ear pushed up against barren ground

She’s calling out to you

Quiet words turn

Into hopes of finding

Your attention is drawn back to the sweet  smell of her perfume

Soon you will find

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet