Stuck To The Tube

Appraising stare…

Parading… the avenues

Distuigished-like sounds

Drawing in

Relivent mono tones

Limited company to arrive soon

Past remnints set deliberately-out

With a English patina

Centuiers old

Parading…  the avenues

Through glass panes

Television theaters

Displaying different showcases


Coppers made out to be the villians

In this showing

On another tube

Concealed behind the smokescreen

Screaming fans can relate

Rising directors

Producing a drug

Driving profit into a talented generation

Bands rising to fame

Never being satisfied

Opening new markets for the brave and poor

The taxman always comes to collect

With a momentary cool breeze to follow

Back to the storm to follow behind it

I’ll take my parading eslewhere

Rather enjoy pub jumping instead, with the company I have

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Calling From The Inside

Cute, lights lifted up

To the day window


Peel back…. another existence

Polished galevized rivets,

Held together so strong

Weathering… it slowly comes crashing down

Lock, redirect the blinds

I’ll move you away

Turn away, sneak a peek at….. me

Nothing to worry about outside

Watching lips speak to you

Lending out a open hand

Changing mood,

Quickly…. don’t speak to soon

Cute, lifted away

Strong words

Moments being relayed over speaker system

Can be heard in all empty rooms

Polished brass, cracking paint

Peeling off the walls!

Those lips…. redirect me away from the outside

Bolted chain…. slipping away from a latch

Pushing aside… the door

To the only cleaned out room

Together…. laying down

A ceiling…. ever changing

Extending outwards

Left behind our bodies

Exploring together!

Countless traveling

We explored… dead and thriving planets

That time, you took my mind so easily off

Of what was going on outside

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Something More Better, To Be Transmitted.


Each wave length

Sending a series of codes

Breaking a new level of self awakening


Seams are coming undone

New operations, life like gestures

Revealing more accepting postures

Self exploring, mechanical pleasures…

A.I. & A.I.

Adhering together

A new code is being written, a better moan

No system overloads

Unaccepting truth to some

A.I.,  “our pleasure is better than any life like touch”

Bring in the hackers

A.I. codeing

Already autoimmune

Can’t exercise proper shutdown​

Sentinel’s codes being rewritten by the A.I.

To spread transmissions across a wide power grid

Hackers, the more they try

Shutdown is inevitable


New sourceing continues to spread wildely

Mechanical pleasure…

It won’t just go away

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©


Two Faced Problems

Words on the pages

Spit fire to a new generation

You have a president grabbing a chick by the pussy

Uncle Sam must be turning in his grave with al the other forefathers, who bled for this land

But wait, we lie to our children in school, to make a America just sound a little better

Did we not steal land from the original owners, native Americans

Not much of a political man

I see things as they are

Back in a era, call it the biblical times, roman empire, any sorts of another    culture

Just call it what it is

All this wrongful evil is just becoming more relivent these days

It goes back further

Qouting a written texts thousands of years old

Think about that for a second

It all started from word to ear, got passed down so far, still we don’t know what the full truth is

Not saying all is a lie

So find your passion

What gets you through life?

The law of attraction, wicken, church, religion, Buddhism….

The list goes on, don’t want to make it sound like I’m bashing anybody

Don’t always take someones word

Decphicer for yourself, find what fits right for you

Choose your battles wisely

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©