Lady Cadaver

Steady streaming 

Robbing different frequencies

Steady holding the top sails

Pillage and recorded

Kept, to be replayed 

Mind, remains at ease breifly 

Wooden hall coated with a strong taste of salt

 2× Keep on sailing

Lady cadaver, at the head of this ship

Still filled with plenty of life in her

Guiding each of those men along

Stowed away, enough barrels slowly bleeding with alcohol

Delusions set in quick 

When the streaming stops

Shedding away the layers of sun damaged skin 

Lady cadaver, she just grins 

Thier flesh might smell

Doesn’t stop them from eating each other alive

Some ship mates being tossed over to the hurrgy sharks 

Lady cadaver guiding the ship so effortlessly

Match strikes a piece of flint

A ship from afar can be seen from a bustling port

Black smoke and flames leaves no one left to be saved

Lady cadaver still intacked

She is to be mounted to a new vessel

Steady streaming, same tunes 

Leading a new group of men to their death

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet


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