SheepCat’s Lullaby



“This writing is not in the style of a mellow, soft spoken lullaby”

Some days.. I feel like sporting my mohawk

Back in the day as a teen

Now a days… you’ll find me a on roof

Laying glass

I take pride making my living that way

Joking with my roof mates

Grit rubbing off the soul of my shoes

Good traction is all I need

That keeps me on the sandpaper plain

When I rise early.. just to drive to my workday

Oh! how I enjoy the scenery

My view from the ground and above roof tops

Makes each day worth wild

Singing a true down to earth lullaby

And some days… I feel… like sporting my mohawk

Just to relive those days

Now a days… I try to make each day not go to waste

Headed off to home soon

So to end my lullaby

I always look forward to, what the next day will bring

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



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