Horses Prancing

Conceal what is only yours
Pick up liners from the bar hustlers

Cause tonight!

She won’t be taken

Better lay wait

Appealing folk who would take the first advantage of you

Cause tonight!

Better morals keep true

Shes out to enjoy the music… and club life tonight, without the extra grind

Get wild….

The horses are prancing on the shore tonight for you

Keep safe and get wild

Cause tonight…. this spotlight is on you

Keep conciled what is yours

Nor theif or smooth talker, is not for you

Concealed, so tight

Is a weapon to keep… the  eyes…

Yearning to take your jewel

Forever lost and broken

This will not… happen to you…

You alone

The weapon you hold concealed

Make them know….

“I don’t play any games”

Cause tonight….

The horses are prancing for you on the shore

By: ObligatoryInsightPoet©



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